Clear Voice

Clear Voice

Soft refreshing capsules, mint flavor, no sugar added

For maximum efficiency, let the refreshing capsule dissolve in your mouth, the smooth velvety fluid will be released in a short time and give you a refreshing feeling and relief of the hoarseness.

Kosher – Parve

For gelatin eaters

Supervision of Rabbi Levinger. Basel, Switzerland.

What is Hoarseness?

Hoarseness is a disease that causes discomfort to many people, especially those who frequently use their voice. Hoarseness is when the voice loses its clarity, softness and speaking will involve effort and pain.

There are many different causes of hoarseness; using the voice incorrectly, health issues, soar throat, flu like symptoms, and more. anyone who uses their voice frequently might be affected by hoarseness.

Hoarseness can harm the quality of life; interfere with job performance, communication with people and pain.

When suffering from hoarseness, a lot of effort is needed in order to produce sound. This causes fatigue after using your voice. On many occasions, it may cause discomfort and even throat pain.

People who are likely to suffer from hoarseness are the ones who use their voice as a tool. Teachers, broadcasters, marketing and sales persons, singers, lawyers, psychologists, politicians and the list goes on.

Hoarseness may develop gradually due to long stress of the vocal cords located inside the trachea and are connected to the throat muscles closing the cords in order to produce sound.

Normally the vocal cords close correctly and do not cause contact or friction, but when an effort is made, the vocal cords are closed tightly cause  friction between the cords. This situation will hurt the mucosa of the of the vocal cord and will cause discomfort as a result of hoarseness.

This long lasting situation will cause hoarseness.

Hoarseness may appear due to shouting or loud speaking. When we shout the vocal cords close suddenly and very strongly. This causes an injury to the vocal cords mucosa.

Most of us have experienced a situation in which we reacted in sudden scream followed by a feeling of discomfort and throat pain, and sometimes a change of voice quality or hoarseness.

Trying to overcome loud noise by shouting can and will cause hoarseness.

If we harm our vocal cords on a regular basis, it will change our voice quality and might cause permanent hoarseness.

A noisy environment which is known to us might be clubs, bars or concerts with loud music, as well as working places with loud noises.

According to the ministry of environment and noise regulations, noise must be limited to 85 decibels. Anything above that level might cause health problems.

Most of us have experienced a situation when we had a conversation in a noisy place, when the noise stopped suddenly only then we noticed the volume we had to use.

Noise is all around us, even in our homes; we should try and avoid from speaking over loud noises such as T.V., vacuum cleaner, mixer, hair dryer and more. At home it is easier to control the noise level by turning off or reducing the volume of appliances while we speak in order to avoid the dangers of hoarseness.

Hoarseness might develop due to other causes such as: frequent clearing of the throat, speaking at a very low voice, very loud laughter and strenuous singing. All of the above cause straining of the vocal cords and hoarseness.


Anise oil:
star anise is a tree or an evergreen bush of the Magnolia family; it is originated in China and is commercially grown there. The plant has star shaped fruits in which we can find the seeds used to produce essential oil.

Anise oil helps in releasing mucus and relief of throat pain and irritations, it is also known as helping breath during Bronchitis.

Peppermint oil:
The main ingredient of mint is the Menthol, which is known as soothing throat pain; it is also known as anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti-viral.

Menthol oil:
Menthol has the ability to act as a local anesthetic, it is a small molecule so it is able to penetrate the skin layer and get to the nerves, especially to the sensory tips of the nerve which is located at the mouth and throat mucosa.

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